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Sage 300 Addons

SYSTRONICS addons and utilities integrate seamlessly with Sage 300 and greatly enhance its functionality. Addressing specific industry needs, our tailored products today are sold and supported by Sage 300 partners worldwide.


AR-AP Settlements™

for Sage 300

AR-AP Settlements facilitates offsetting open receivable and payable documents in Sage 300.

Related entities, i.e. AR Customers and AP Vendors are combined in Settlement Groups, to allow viewing and settling their outstanding documents from a single screen. Documents to settle may be selected manually as well as automatically, based for example, on their due dates.

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for Sage 300

BACCPAC is a Sage 300 SDK application to facilitate and automate periodic backup operations.

It provides you with an easy, convenient, accurate and secure way to configure and schedule data backup procedures, so that you archive your accounting data unattended and independent of your IT Team.

The built-in email engine sends automatic notifications to a list of designated users, making back up operations more transparent and manageable.

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Cashflow Forecasting™

for Sage 300

Cashflow Forecasting for Sage 300 forecasts daily bank balances up to a user specified date.

The projected running balances are cross checked against overdraft limits and warnings are displayed,

based on a color scheme. Users can also enter their own projected transactions, to run “what if” scenarios.

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for Sage 300

CashWorks replaces A/R Receipt and A/P Payment transactions in Sage 300 to provide additional functionality, including support for post dated checks. Specially designed aging, transaction and cash flow reports give you the option of including or excluding future dated entries for flexible cash analysis.

What's more, CashWorks provides full control over the lifetime of cash transactions in the intuitive environment of Comprehensive Cash Management Console.

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Document Attachment Applets™

for Sage 300

Document Attachment Applets for Sage 300 enable attaching electronic documents, formatted texts and user-defined fields to a wide range of Sage 300 transactions and records. Examples include, but are not limited to, attaching scanned documents to Sage 300 Invoices, product images to I/C Items or personal documents to Employee records - all with the click of a button.

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Field Extender Enterprise™

for Sage 300

Field Extender Enterprise allows users to define additional optional fields for transactions in Sage 300. You can create virtually unlimited number of fields of various data types including Rich Text and Electronic Attachments. Though the number and type of optional fields created are only limited by technical restrictions imposed by the Sage 300 data access layer, you can evade them by defining multiple records for the same purpose. Moreover, FE can be used as a simple Document Management Solution.

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Gulf Utilities for Payroll™

for Sage 300

With Gulf Utilities for Payroll, SYSTRONICS offers Sage 300 users in Gulf Cooperation Countries a comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated HR solution, which meets the basic needs and the legal requirements of a large number of companies. Gulf Utilities for Payroll looks and feels like Sage 300,

making its integration with core Sage 300 financial and operational modules easy. The application has

a modular design to offer the users a number of options to choose from and adapt to their needs.

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Intercompany Utilities™

for Sage 300

Intercompany Utilities for Sage 300 streamlines operations between branch entities. The application consists of several modules, each designed to automate a specific aspect of intercompany operations:

• PO-OE Trade Automation

• Consolidated Reports

• Account, Vendor, Customer and Item Synchronization

• G/L Distributions

• Inventory Transfers

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PJC Security™

for Sage 300

PJC Security enables user access to permitted contracts only. Users are able to view and enter transactions in Contracts, for which they have authorized access. The authorization is based on the first Contract Segment defined in PJC Options. For example, you can setup the first segment to represent departments, in order to allow access to Contracts under authorized departments.

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Revenue and Expense Deferrals™

for Sage 300

Revenue received for services that have not been rendered yet, should be amortized over the contract lifetime. Revenue and Expense Deferrals for Sage 300 fully automates this aspect of your accounting, eliminating redundant manual processing and homegrown spreadsheet models. This comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates with all Sage 300 core modules and thirdparty products, making deferral accounting just another component of your ERP system.

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SYSTRONICS Stock Aging Report™

for Sage 300

SYSTRONICS Stock Aging Report is an addon for the Sage 300 Inventory Control module, designed for viewing and printing stock aging. The stock is aged across all locations defined in I/C based on receipt information. The report is generated based on the assumption that oldest stock is sold first, regardless of the costing method defined in I/C. An "Age as of" date must be specified for aging the stock. The "Current Stock" columns in the report show the stock Quantity, Unit Cost and Amount as of the selected date. The report allows filtering by Item Number or by Item Number Segments.

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ToolPac™ - Subledger Reconciliation Toolsets

for Sage 300

ToolPac for Sage 300 is a reconciliation tool used to spot mismatches between Sage 300 sub-ledgers and corresponding Control and Clearing Accounts in General Ledger. ToolPac is packaged in 5 different Toolsets, each covering a specific sub-ledger. The following Toolsets are available:

• O/E Reconciliation

• P/O Reconciliation

• A/R Reconciliation

• A/P Reconciliation

• I/C Reconciliation

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Voucher Bundle™

for Sage 300

Voucher Bundle is a Sage 300 SDK application that allows users to print seven different vouchers for Sage 300 transactions showing the affected G/L accounts and the corresponding amounts even before the transactions are posted. Vouchers are readily available templates that can be used 'as is', or modified to fit your own requirements.

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To learn more about our addons and to get access to the 30-day free trial versions & user guides write us an email at

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