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Migration Services

Whether migrating your Active Directory and Exchange email environment, a virtual environment, or your racks of physical servers, our migration solutions ensure a seamless, efficient and secure transition.

What We Offer

Infrastructure Migration Services


Most mid-size and large organizations are facing the same dilemma — how to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their infrastructure while improving the quality of the service. With the changing business expectations of technology investments, the need for a standardized, secure, and scalable infrastructure is greater than ever.

Our methodologies enable us to help our customers address four business issues: minimizing business risks, addressing security concerns, reducing Total Cost of Ownership, and increasing the quality of support. Our methodologies use a phased approach and supporting processes to ensure a seamless migration that minimizes business disruption.


Storage & Data Migration Services


To move applications and data to more advantageous environments, Gartner recommends "disentangling" data and applications as a means of overcoming data gravity. By making time at the beginning of the project to sort out data and application complexities, firms can improve their data management, enable application mobility, and improve data governance.

SYSTRONICS Data Migration Services team has the experience, proven methodologies and tools to drive successful migration at scale. We work closely with you to help identify, group, and efficiently migrate your applications quickly, cost effectively, and with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

Platform Migration Services


Every day with a new dawn there is something that is technologically advancing, and companies who deal with technology need to keep themselves updated, otherwise they will get outdated and will be nowhere in the race. To be in the race and keep up the pace, companies need to migrate to new, technologically advanced and more sophisticated platforms on a regular interval.

To adapt to modern business requirements, you must determine the best method to provision your digital platform services and the right mix between your own data center environment and outside services. Our platform migration service capabilities address the digital transformation of on-premises service provision.


Application Migration Services


Though migrations are mostly inevitable, they are rarely well-planned, and even less frequently budgeted for in terms of cost and time.  A poorly planned and ineffective execution of a migration can cause significant delays in migration timeline as well as cost overruns or worse, data loss and/or revenue loss ultimately culminating in an unnecessarily painful and time-consuming exercise that prevents the successful modernization of your website and application infrastructure.

Every application or server migration is unique.  Preparing a plan to execute a successful application migration should be based upon the type of application requiring migration, the type of source and destination physical or virtual architecture you’re migrating between, and the data volume, specifically the dynamic data volume requiring migration.


Database Migration Services

There are many reasons you might want to move to a different platform. For example, a company might decide to save money by moving to a cloud-based database. Or, a company might find that some particular database software has features that are critical for their business needs. Or, the legacy systems are simply outdated.

The process of database migration can involve multiple phases and iterations — including assessing the current databases and future needs of the company, migrating the schema, and normalizing and moving the data. Plus, testing, testing, and more testing. The key to success, though, is to make your database migration project predictable. You don’t want any surprises when you are 10 terabytes deep in the data migration phase.


Cloud Migration Services

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More companies are migrating apps and services to the cloud every day, but it can be challenging. Start with the basics – what is cloud migration and what businesses stand to gain – and then get strategies and a checklist for making the change with confidence.

Migrations are only the beginning when it comes to your business taking advantage of the cloud. Whatever your business case may be, we’ll help define your cloud roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, then work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions. Your business-critical applications and databases may need operational support, re-platforming or re-architecting. Or you may be working with difficult data and analytics use cases, with massive data volumes, many data pipelines, or complex environments. Regardless of your reason to migrating to the cloud, our wide range of expertise means you have access to support before, during and after your cloud migration.


Email Migration Services

Ready to migrate your in-house or hosted email environment, but not sure where to start? We provide flexible Email Migration options to help meet your technical and budget requirements.

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