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Backup and Data Protection Solutions

We live in an age of data-centric, always on organizations. Your data protection solutions need to keep up.

What We Offer

On-Premise Solution


On-premise backups are data backups that copy your hardware data to a storage device placed in-house. These devices can backup your data manually or automatically, and are stored onsite for quick access or physically moved offsite afterwards for archival reasons. Examples of on-premise backup solutions include network attached storage, storage servers or tape backups.

While most companies traditionally start with an on-premise solution due to its initial simplicity in understanding and setup, an increasing number of them are starting to find cloud-based services a more viable and effective option due to the following three considerations: Recovery Time, Security & Costs.


Cloud Solution


Cloud backups can come in either a private cloud service or a public cloud service. The former is hosted by an on-premise IT infrastructure (owned or provided by an external provider), making the hardware, storage and network dedicated to a single client or company. However, running the staff, management and maintenance can be costly, making private clouds generally preferred by bigger enterprises.

A public cloud service is shared with other businesses, and is often defined as a multi-tenant environment, where you buy a “server slice” in a cloud computing environment that is shared with other clients or tenants.

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