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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect your data from man-made and natural disasters without interrupting your business.

What We Offer

•   High Availability   •   Failover   •   Database Solutions   •   Power Management Solutions

High Availability


Business continuity is the capability of a business to withstand outages and to operate important services normally and without interruption in accordance with predefined service-level agreements. Business continuity includes disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA), and can be defined as the ability to withstand all outages (planned, unplanned, and disasters) and to provide continuous processing for all important applications.

High availability solutions provide fully automated failover to a backup system so that users and applications can continue working without disruption. HA solutions must have the ability to provide an immediate recovery point. At the same time, they must provide a recovery time capability that is significantly better than the recovery time that you experience in a non-HA solution topology.



Failover and failback operations are critical disaster recovery plan elements that provide restoration and limit damage in disaster recovery scenarios. The failover stage is the process that initiates when a system failure occurs to reduce the complications and damage that happens as a result.

Failback describes the restoration of your IT environment from failover back to normal operations. You need to know what your failback strategy is because failover is designed to be a temporary state and there may be time constraints in transitioning back. Not to mention that, in many cases, only mission critical functions are online in the failover environment.


Database Solutions

A database must be made highly available to ensure that data is available if a failure occurs. You can introduce a database with features that suit the needs of your organization, based on the level of protection and the associated costs.


Power Management Solutions

Though electrical power is core to any business, it brings challenges: unpredictable supply, unplanned outages, complex regulations, and volatile prices. You need to maximize your uptime, identify and address power quality issues, and control energy costs.

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