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Document Management Solution

Field Extender Enterprise (FE) is an affordable but highly effective document management solution, which features allowing to attach files and keeping hyperlinks of files. FE allows to attach documents (such as invoices, payment vouchers, images, etc.) and other files to any Sage 300 transaction/screen. The documents are kept in Sage 300 tables or an external storage, and can be retrieved by accessing those transactions inside Sage 300 or from a special inquiry screen.

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A Simple Document Management Solution for Sage 300 users

This inquiry screen allows to search attached documents by transactions and by their key fields.

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Better reporting and search

The product extends reporting and inquiry capabilities by allowing printing images in Reports and searching using structured data.


Quick reference to attachments

Attachments are available to view with a single click on the Sage 300 screens.


Data safety

The attachments can be optionally saved in the database in which case are a part of standard Sage 300 backups - DB Dump or SQL backup.


External Storage

The documents can be kept outside of Sage 300 on local or external drives (on-prem or cloud), including SharePoint. In that case, Field Extender uses the hyperlink option. 


Support for 3rd Party SDK applications

The product can be configured to attach electronic documents to transactions and master data of 3rd party SDK add-ons.

F/E Optional Field Values

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The following Document Management requirements are covered by FE

 • Attach files Centralized filing • Add structured data (manually)  • Search using structured data • Download/detach file  • View files from within Sage 300 screens  • Keep attachments in the Sage 300 database  • Keep attachments on external storage

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