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Consulting Services

Use the expertise and deep tech background of the best minds at SYSTRONICS to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your organization that goes in line with your business objectives.

What We Offer

Data Centre & Infrastructure Migration Services

Data Center

Data Center migrations are high profile projects because they are risky.  Worries about lost data and excessive downtime haunt executives, users and data center managers alike.

Migrating your data center is a complex process that requires a high degree of coordination with little tolerance for failure.  The goals of any move are to:

  • Minimize or eliminate downtime during the move

  • Maintain or enhance the performance, disaster recovery and business continuity support of the data center

Our migration specialists use a repeatable, proven process that assures the highest levels of availability, the lowest risk and the fastest migration times possible.


Infrastructure Consolidation Services


In many organizations, technical infrastructure, defined generally as server, storage, and networking capability and capacity is deployed on an as-needed basis in response to additional requirements such as the deployment of services, applications or websites. The frequent result of this organic approach to infrastructure is a data center environment comprised of a wide variety of makes, models, and configurations located in a variety of locations.

Done the right way, consolidation can create enormous cost benefits and efficiencies. Done the wrong way, it can leave an enterprise even worse off than before.

Virtualized Infrastructure Optimization Services


When we talk about lifecycle management, we talk about the complete cycle of a VM and not just the creation of the VM. The lifecycle of a VM starts with the creation phase, the configuration of the VM and the allocation of virtual resources, followed by the exploitation and monitoring phase of the VM (its use and status) and concluded by the elimination phase of the VM and the release of virtual resources.

In a logic of good management and best practices, the correct control of the park of VMs must include a proper lifecycle monitoring strategy from the creation until the deletion of the VMs, that allows to identify VMs that need to be resized (reducing or adding resources) during their exploitation phase, or deleted (releasing their virtual resources) in the final phase. However, in reality this is not the case, as organizations used to forget about the lifecycle or in other cases because they do not know what it means for its virtualization.

Project Management

Project Management Services


While the basic skills of managing projects can generally be applied across many fields, for more specialized areas, it can make sense for firms to hire a project management consultant. This use of external expertise can bring a new dimension to the abilities and effectiveness of a project team.

Our award-winning project teams plan and control every aspect of the project lifecycle from concept to definition, implementation and handover. Our project management service includes the definition, leadership, planning, stakeholder management, control and successful delivery of projects on your behalf.

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