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Mobile CRM Systems: 3 Reasons Why You Need One

Updated: May 11, 2021

Mobile CRM Systems

The Importance of Mobile CRM Systems for Your Company

A warrior is heading to the battlefield with a commitment of fighting the enemy till his last breath and the last drop of blood. But by arriving at the front line, he notices that his armor and sword are missing. How can a warrior fight with bare hands, and how long?

Now, you may ask how this story is related to mobile CRM systems. We all can agree that the current business world is a large battlefield where companies struggle for the attention and trust of customers. Sales, marketing, and customer support teams are the frontline soldiers that communicate with prospects, leads, and existing customers directly.

Several years ago, these employees had to be at the office physically to have access to customer information from their computers for providing quality service. Nowadays, salespersons, consultants, and other field agents have to work on the go by traveling between offices to meet leads and prospects. It’s quite apparent that without access to real-time customer data, these people would look like the warrior that appears on the battlefield without his weapon. But how to access the CRM system and the required information out of the office? Can you imagine someone taking their PCs with them? Laptops could be better solutions, but without the internet, they are also of no use. In these conditions, mobile CRM applications come to the rescue.

what is mobile CRM system

What is a Mobile CRM System?

A mobile CRM solution can be defined as a version of a CRM system that is accessible from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If the CRM solution is cloud-based, it can be easily optimized for mobile phones. However, mobile CRM systems are mainly applications that can be downloaded from Google Play Market or Apple App Store.

Mobile CRM App Advantages

Many of you may wonder why you need to download and install a mobile CRM application on your phone if you already have the web version. What are the mobile CRM benefits? Let’s find out together!

1. Accessibility of Data Everywhere and Anytime

Among mobile CRM benefits, the accessibility of customer data anytime anywhere is perhaps the most important one. There is no need to stay “tied” to desks any longer. Due to the availability of mobile CRM apps, your sales reps and consultants working out in the field will have all the customer information at their fingertips. They can easily share files, update leads and opportunities, respond to customer support cases, etc. The optimization of salespeople’s work has a direct impact on the sales increase.

2. Connectivity and Collaboration

Mobile CRMs make communication, contact, and collaboration between on-site and off-site employees faster. Now you don’t have to wait for your sales reps to return from the prospect’s office to share the details of the visit. They can access their mobile CRM apps and insert meeting notes immediately. The data will be updated automatically, and you’ll be aware of all arrangements between salespeople and potential customers. Isn’t it cool?

Faster Processing Due to Reduced Paperwork

3. Faster Processing Due to Reduced Paperwork

What do you do when a prospect asks for a quote? Companies providing paper documents confess that the lengthy process affects the effectiveness of work. But you can do your paperwork entirely electronically using your mobile CRM application. Your sales representatives can send quotes and order forms to prospects and the appropriate people from their phones. They can also attach signed documents to the CRM. It is convenient for both salespeople and the company.

By summarizing everything said, it becomes evident that besides the advantages acquired by automating the business with a CRM system, companies get additional benefits by using mobile CRM apps.

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