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3 Advantages of Business Automation with CRM

Updated: May 11, 2021

Advantages of business automation with CRM

A recent sales report by Salesforce says that salespeople spend 66% of their time on administrative and non-sales-related tasks. Doesn’t that give us a lot of fruit for thoughts? This is not a small number to be ignored, isn’t it? It reveals a widespread problem which at this era is easily solved through business automation.

As you know, nowadays all industrial plants have their workflows automated, and entrepreneurs, realizing the benefits of automation, try to automate business management and daily processes, and artificial intelligence, on the other hand, changes people's work and makes it easier.

There are controversial thoughts about the influence of automation and technology in general, but we at SYSTRONICS have seen the positive aspects of automation throughout 43 years of our existence.

If we compare business management with butter production, it is obvious that automation is effective, it accelerates the processes, brings more income, and increases sales. Yes, the production of butter, which was once done by hand, is now automated and production has increased. In this video you can see what I mean, it is a very interesting process. Well, of course, traditional handicrafts are appreciated but are not so effective. Living in the 21st century we can’t help but get to know at least 3 advantages of business automation.

1․ Automating business processes through CRM reduces the employment of sales professionals by 7-10 hours. The salesperson can spend that precious time acquiring new skills or selling more. Salesforce CRM helps automate the process of tracking customers and even if 2 salespeople work with the same customer, all calls and emails are stored in one place, and you don't have to ask the other employee at what stage the negotiations are.

Automation with CRM

2․ Automation prevents processes from slowing down due to inaccuracies, with well-structured data you will be able to quickly find and eliminate all errors. There are separate dashboards in the Salesforce CRM system that show all the processes in one place. Having a 360-degree view of your company, you will find all the flaws and will progress quickly.

3 ․ Report automation is just a savior for salespeople and managers. Nobody likes to log everything in the excel table manually, then prepare a report every month. Daily reports can be automatically sent to your e-mail. Address it every morning and plan your day's activities accordingly.

In Sales Cloud, it is possible to get individual reports at any time, and the sales department can quickly see how much he has left to reach the sales digits of the months.

There is a very important advantage of automation that has recently been utilized and implemented when working remotely. The advantage is ensuring easy cooperation between your service and sales teams. With automation, you can opt out of all employees' unpopular meetings, as 34% of your weekly working hours are lost during each meeting.

This amount of time is restored thanks to the CRM Chatter function, which is similar to social media correspondence and you can chat about any project just by commenting on the project documents.

CRM Chatter function

Can you imagine that no one will hurry to the meeting and there will be no long discussions, leaving the work undone? Chatter also reduces the number of emails received daily, which for sales representatives may reach 998 emails which just “eat” 2 hours of your day.

Should we summarize the time savings? 34% weekly and 31% by leaving out spreadsheet manual reports.

In a nutshell, you can already decide how you will use the saved time to overreach sales goals and serve more customers.

If you still want to hear about sales automation, check out the Salesforce Sales Cloud overview, or drop us an email at for a more personalized approach and we will arrange a demo specifically tailored to your company's needs.

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