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How to Increase Your Sales in 2 Steps

Updated: May 11, 2021

increase your Sales through CRM

You might have come across articles that offer popular ways to increase sales, such as discount systems, gifts, freebies, and more.

These are effective and tested methods, we have used them and seen tangible results, but let's look at the other side of the coin for a moment, or I don't know if this is a bilateral or even a trilateral view.

By the way, this is also an effective method implemented by international business giants like Marriott Hotels, Adidas, and American Express.

Not to make you feel like in a contest, let me quickly say that our SYSTRONICS team votes for the method called "optimizing the work of salespeople".

You wonder how is this bound to sales growth? The optimization is carried out using Salesforce CRM's two main tools: dashboards and lead scoring.

As promised this is a 2-step and easy process, let’s see how it works

1 ․ Don't miss a single day

Salespeople have a set target to reach each quarter and they need to report on it regularly. The optimization we offer is to split the quarterly limit to make a daily target.

Well, it's a simple calculation, but there's one more important point that you shouldn't miss out on. These goals should be shared with the whole team. As a result, the team will help and support the salesperson, send the extra motivation to reach the goal at the end of the day, and definitely put that desired tick on the to-do list.

Let’s also consider daily failures as well. In this case, the team is also around to encourage. Give tips and advice to aspire for better results.

increase your sales

This effective process of optimization is easily implemented in Sales Cloud dashboards in Salesforce CRM. Each salesperson can have a predefined dashboard view with the daily targets and by managing his time effectively, provide you with more sales digits. The happier and motivated your employee is, the more sales he is prone to close, earning happy customers that can be with you in the long run.

2. Prioritize your lead list

It has long been proven that the "What animal were you in your previous life" tests, which are so popular on Facebook, are of no use, especially to salespeople, for whom time is money. And here comes the second optimization, that is prioritizing the long lead lists that are assigned to salespeople to convert quarterly.

Prioritize your lead list

Imagine that your marketing team finds 10 leads but salespeople do not manage to distribute 8 hours a day equally among the customers. Every salesperson wishes they could have a prioritized list to focus attention and win the sales.

The wish comes true with the automated scoring system in Sales Cloud. You just specify the criteria for the system upfront and with one click the leads are scored and prioritized on the personal dashboards. For example, you define “budget” as the highest score to the lead that has the required budget, so the salesperson can firstly approach him to convert the lead to opportunity.

Congratulations, your salespeople are now saving time due to automation. You have killed 2 birds with a single stone: happy salespeople and more won opportunities.

By the way, this is not a wish that only large companies can afford, but also small businesses are given this path to walk.

SYSTRONICS and Salesforce believe in business equality, having scalable tools for every single business.

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