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Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning for Your Business

Updated: May 11, 2021

Benefits of Field Service Lightning

Your technician is on the way to the customer’s site, but the work order has been canceled, and your dispatcher cannot reach the technician to inform him. Or your technician arrives at the customer’s site to discover that he lacks the necessary parts to do the job. In the third scenario, your dispatcher may accidentally assign the job to an employee who doesn’t have the skills to complete it. These are real-life situations that companies providing field service may sometimes face.

To avoid these situations, it’s time to increase your business efficiency with Salesforce Field Service Lightning. It’s a field service management solution offered by Salesforce that helps companies improve their field service operations by connecting the whole workforce. In other words, with FSL, your company will be able to deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized on-site service. How? Let’s discuss the main benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning for your business.

1. Availability of a Mobile Application

The availability of a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices is one of the top benefits of Field Service Lightning. It helps companies boost the productivity of on-site technicians and field agents by allowing them to view and edit customer data, update work order stages, and access knowledge articles on-the-go. This real-time collaboration improves the first-time fix rate of field service techs, which directly affects customer satisfaction.

Moreover, regardless of the time and location of field technicians, at their fingertips, they have all the data they need to complete the service call. Even the absence of an internet connection cannot be an issue since users can access the app’s features offline, and the changes are updated once the app connects to the Internet.

2. Faster and Smarter Management of Work Orders

In Salesforce Field Service Lightning, all the data of customers such as their contact information, related accounts, and support cases are kept in one place. When you create a work order, it gets integrated with all the data already existing in the CRM. As a result, you can manage work orders faster and smarter by viewing knowledge articles and tracking customers’ SLA compliance with just a click.

3. AI-Powered Scheduling of Work Orders

Among the main benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning, AI-powered scheduling is perhaps the most valuable one. The intelligent scheduling functionality makes dispatchers’ life easier since it automatically assigns jobs to the right mobile employees and technicians. The scheduling feature considers several factors like the skills of service techs, their location, and the time required to get to the customer’s site.

4. Field Service Analytics

Field Service Analytics visually interprets your field service data and provides managers and dispatchers with insights into first-time fix rate, travel time, etc. Once you gain visibility into your data, you can detect problems quickly and use these insights to improve service technicians’ performance, resolve work orders faster, and boost customer satisfaction.

5. Availability of Knowledge Articles

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians sometimes need help with complex repairs. From time to time, unexpected issues may come up that can cost the company money and leave customers unhappy.

However, these unpleasant situations can be avoided or easily overcome due to another advantage of FSL - Knowledge articles. Salesforce Field Service Lightning contains an extensive library of articles available both online and offline. Technicians facing unexpected issues on-site can access these articles on their apps and find the solutions quickly.

As you could see, investing in Field Service Lightning can revolutionize your service operations - scheduling and management of work orders, analytics of data, accessing knowledge articles, etc. To learn more about the advantages of Salesforce Field Service Lightning for your business, reach out to our Salesforce certified consultants.

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