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Support Program

for Charities, Non-profits & NGOs in the Middle East

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Up to $250_000 Business Credit - Fast an

SYSTRONICS, in partnership with, offers Nonprofit Cloud - the world's #1 CRM system for nonprofits. The nonprofit technology helps build and maintain trusted and lasting relationships with supporters and beneficiaries by delivering the experiences they need in changing times. Built on one connected platform, Nonprofit Cloud is your one integrated platform helping you connect all parts of your organization supporting the imperative to shift to digital. 

What are the Benefits for your Organization?


10 donated subscriptions of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) + Enterprise Edition Sales & Service Cloud


A special price on SYSTRONICS services

Discounts on additional subscriptions, products and/or services from


Free one-time consultation by certified Salesforce consultants

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Program?

To be eligible to apply for the Support Program, your organization, irrespective of its size, must be legally recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, nongovernmental or social change organization.

  • Your primary purpose is charitable, educational, environmental

  • Your primary purpose is socially benefiting e.g. social enterprises, social businesses, Community Interest Companies, B-Corps, Co-operatives (non retail)

  • Your primary purpose is educational (primary, secondary & higher)

  • Your primary purpose is Arts, Culture and/or Heritage

  • Your primary purpose is Humanitarianism

  • Your primary purpose is nonprofit sports body

  • Your primary purpose is nonprofit provider of Social Services e.g. Elder Care, Hospice, Mental Health Treatment

  • Your primary purpose is social change organisations (with clear reinvestment strategy)

  • Your primary purpose is non-political, non-departmental i.e. operates independently to central government

  • Your primary purpose is not a trade or sector association

  • Your primary purpose is not the promotion of conferences or seminars (unless to promote nonprofit efficacy and/or charitable activities)

  • Your primary purpose is not for-profit patient care (& NHS UK), health insurance organisations (excl. Associated foundations or fundraising organisations)

  • Your primary purpose is not economic development

  • You are not an individual

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