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Why is a CRM System Important for NGOs?

Updated: May 11, 2021

CRM System for NGOs

As a non-governmental organization, you undoubtedly face multiple challenges that cause headaches. Fortunately for us all, one of the positive aspects of the modern world is the easiness and swiftness of solving problems.

Let’s imagine the life of NGOs for a moment and discover what can complicate it:

  • a large amount of data stored in different places, because of which finding a single name takes an eternity

  • a pile of documents that takes up much space in the room

  • overdue donor data that prevents you from focusing on the most prospective donors

  • a lengthy and time-consuming process of reporting to funders that slows down the achievement of the desired results

These points reminded you of the issues existing in your NGO, didn’t they? Fortunately, we are here to offer solutions and not just point out existing challenges.

First of all, if you want your organization to grow, develop, and work more effectively by resolving existing problems, then you undoubtedly need a CRM system.

Moving ahead, you may think that your NGO doesn’t have enough funding, and a comprehensive IT infrastructure is not a priority regardless of the level of its importance in business management. You have the right to think so! But these issues have their quick fix. Salesforce offers preferential terms for non-profit organizations. Additionally, due to being a cloud-based solution, the implementation costs are also significantly reduced.

The information about innovative technologies is diverse. It doesn’t seem easy to navigate the sea of information, but the following 2 points will explain how your NGO can benefit from using Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for NGOs
  1. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is practical and flexible in keeping the data on grants, volunteers, and donors in one place and managing it easily. Having everything in one place, you can analyze the data from different angles, and plan the next steps accordingly to attract more donors.

  2. The price and service are affordable for any NGO. Salesforce shows financial support to non-profit organizations by providing discount packages.

Now the benefits of having a CRM system are more visible, aren’t they? If you have questions regarding the topic, contact us:

  • On social media – @SYSTRONICS

  • On our website

  • By email –,

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