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Save Time And Lower Costs To Increase Profitability!

Epicor ERP software enables stronger, fact-based decisions with robust, built-in analytics to help you achieve the highest profitability. 

What Epicor ERP Offers

Epicor ERP provides flexible, industry-specific business software designed to fit the precise needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail and service organizations. With a deep understanding of your industry, Epicor ERP promotes growth while minimizing the complexities of traditional enterprise resource planning. Epicor ERP emphasizes ease of use, collaboration, and responsiveness. The result is powerful solutions that free your resources so you can grow your business. Employing an innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services technology, Epicor ERP delivers a comprehensive set of global functionalities, enabling you to drive profitability, inspire innovation, and respond quickly to an evolving business environment.

Manage Every Part Of Your Business With Epicor ERP!


Enterprise Content Management

Capture, store, manage, and retrieve your documents and content—anytime on any device.


Business Intelligence And Analytics

Customer Relationship Management

Get greater visibility into your business and make better decisions.

Manage leads, customers, contacts, and quotes—from opportunity to order.


Production Management

Simplify processes, reduce waste, and improve profitability—regardless of product complexity.


Supply Chain Management

Manage all aspects of your supply chain more efficiently—from forecasting to fulfillment.


Financial Management

Manage financial operations and gain powerful insights into performance, expense, and risk.


Project Management

Plan and execute simple or complex, multi-level projects with strict costing and billing requirements.


Mobile Solutions

Transact business where and when it happens to improve efficiency and customer service.


eCommerce Solutions

Offer customers a modern digital shopping experience with eCommerce solutions.


Planning And Scheduling

Anticipate and respond flexibly to changes in customer demand to minimize downtime and disruption.


Enterprise Risk Management

Stay compliant, and ensure that employees and partners are aware of non-compliance risks.


Human Capital Management

Manage your global workforce—from recruitment to retirement—and build a culture of growth.


Service And Asset Management

Coordinate service processes to provide resources and materials at the right time, for the lowest cost.


Product Management

Improve collaboration between engineering, procurement, production, sales, and quality assurance teams.


Sales Management

Produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill orders flawlessly.

Improve Productivity to Satisfy Customer Demands

Better plan resources, balance and distribute work, collaborate with suppliers and respond to shifting demand. Epicor ERP helps you drive productivity.

  • Promote greater accountability with reliable production metrics

  • Minimize risk and gain efficiencies with integrated supply chain management and enterprise content management

  • Leverage powerful manufacturing execution and machine maintenance capabilities to drive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)


Increased Productivity

Two out of three Epicor ERP customers report productivity gains of 20% or more.

Source: TechValidate.

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