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How to Consolidate Intercompany Information & Transact Across Multiple Companies in Sage 300

Updated: May 11, 2021

In order to have a single view of multi-company operations, it is important to consolidate all the communication flow within the company branches. The problem is quite difficult to solve for contemporary businesses without an advanced tool. When it comes to Sage 300 ERP users, there is a multifunction application, called SYSTRONICS Intercompany Utilities, that is designed to accomplish a specific transaction between two or more companies. The application consists of several modules, each designed to automate a specific aspect of intercompany operations.

How to Consolidate Intercompany Information

Let's consider a business problem that an IT networking equipment chain store has faced recently. The management has treated each store as a separate Sage 300 company. Centralized Chart of Accounts and Inventory Codes had to be maintained across all companies, but in the absence of integration among them, each new G/L Account or I/C Item had to be added individually in each company. Adding new records multiple times manually and reconciling them periodically took a lot of effort. The company addressed the issue by implementing the Account and Item Synchronization modules.

As a result, new records are now added to multiple companies by entering them only once. The Synchronization modules update the newly entered data across all companies automatically.

streamline intercompany operations

The business problem was solved by adding SYSTRONICS Intercompany Utilities™ which streamlines intercompany operations between branch entities.

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