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Do Small Businesses Need a CRM System? Yes, Let's See Why!

Updated: May 11, 2021

small businesses need CRM system

Yes, small businesses do need CRM the most, as they are in the risk group.

There is a very common stereotype that all the CRMs we know are for "big players", and it is only in the long-term vision of small businesses to install such a great productivity tool and this "When we grow a business, we will definitely use CRM." sentence prevails all around the business world. But...our research proves otherwise.

Now, is it high time to change the stereotypes or rather break them, shouldn’t we?

First of all, when we consider that customer relationship is the foundation of business, the need for CRM becomes clear. As the Germans claim “Customer is the King” so all the focus is on the Customer, right? The customer is in the center of the business so it is desirable to know about him/her and keep all the information.

small businesses need a CRM

Well, small businesses do realize the need for a CRM but, unfortunately, after a few negative experiences. For example, a sales specialist decides to quit the job, eventually takes your customer contact information with them, or the service team tries to understand why the customer is unhappy but does not have enough data for analysis.

In order to prevent these problems upfront, it is necessary to introduce smart systems in the business from the very beginning. The stereotype is broken now as lots of CRM systems have versions tailored for small businesses. You can check this one out- Salesforce - the world’s #1 CRM system for already 2 decades.

If you still have questions about CRM, let's do some self-analysis. Let's go further and answer these questions now.

1․ Are you sure that you are not losing connection with all your potential customers and that you are in the right place at the right time when they are making the purchase decision?

2․ Is your customer data collected in one place, is it available to everyone, and no one relies on the "I remember my customer" factor?

3․ Can you make a report in 5 minutes about customers who you lost in the last 3 months, analyze, find the reasons for the loss and correct the mistakes?

4․ Can your salesperson quickly record information about a new customer when they are out of the office or do they need to remember, to write on paper before the next business day?

If you answered "no" to at least one of these questions, you really need a CRM system right now.

Don't wait until you expand your business.

By making this investment, you are accelerating the chances of having new customers and recording more sales, because you have a system that allows your decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

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